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How to deal with fear

1-fearIn stressful situations, there are certain biochemical processes that occurring our body to allow us to cope with them. There is a number of incredible , extraordinary cases when, for example, one woman saw a wall weighing almost a ton falling on her child and she managed to stop it with her own strength and rescue her child.

On the other hand, fear and stress can cause difficulties in our life, even poison it. Unfortunately, life of modern people is saturated with fear. The thing is the less fears there are in our life, the more opportunities to succeed we have. Practically all successful business trainers warn us: “You will reach nothing, until you get rid of your fears”.

In percentage terms, the so-called “necessary” fears only make up 5 to 10 percent of all our fears. However, it cannot be called fear itself because it is just a common sense which prevents us from putting our hand into the burning fire, entering a cage with a tiger, etc.


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Recently I have read a research of an American sociologist, illustrating that our generation has undergone what may perhaps be the most rapid paradigm shift (established unquestionable opinions) in entire history.

Merely one generation ago Americans, like all normal nations, considered family as an important main component of a happy, healthy and successful life.

It was those Americans who led the country to huge progress. In the 50’s an average American family had at least four children and a small house; the father worked and the mother looked after the children.

But then came this curse – the sexual revolution which has led to the wild and destructive propaganda demeaning family values and chastity, the glorification of onanism (TV shows that show how to masturbate and make light of any detriment to health), pornography, homosexuality, “free” love, early sex, followed eventually by zoophilia and pedophilia.

I am presently living in the countryside in Canada, surrounded by many farms where large families lived happily for many generations – it was indeed these families that created this wonderful country. However today you can hardly see a large family, or even a full family, if it is not a family of devout Christians. Small towns and villages are dying out, and the amount of alcohol consumption is increasing.

PrintThis article is the final chapter of the book: "Three Energies. Forgotten Canons of Health and Harmony."

Everyone can find many much useful things in it, even if you’ve already read this book, we are confident that it will be helpful for you in repeated reading. to read it again.

If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don’t like, who can bring you happiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say the magic word: ‘Hello’
Richard Bach

First of all, we should desire that the energies of goodness and harmony increase in our lives. long for the goodness energy and harmony increasing in our lives. If you really wish something, this is at least 90 percent of success. Consider all the benefits the Sattva dominance will brings in your life: health, happiness, peace, intuition of higher order, prosperity and happy personal life, ability to realize the most profound spiritual truths. Whereas And the most important thing is that Sattva is the basis of ability to truly love and be loved. If there is no Sattva dominance does not dominate then only a dollop of Love can enter in our life. However, one should have also  the desire to develop for the development of unconditional love, because the existence of only Sattva’s dominance does not make sure will not bringing love in one’s the life.

Now the culture of proper imagination work with subconscious, use of right brain hemisphere , etc.  is being revived , Murphy, Silva, Robert Stone and others have shown how all this works and proved that people can quickly change their lives and achieve their goals.
Then why this technique helps not to everyone to say the least? does not help everyone? Because it operates at full capacity only when a person is dominated by Sattva (goodness energy), when he is capable of complete relaxation and the level of his selfishness is very low.
Pay attention to your communication: friends, books, Internet and television. Without any regret give up ignorant communication and increase Sattvic influence  through books, lectures and studies. It is desirable at least once a week to visit communities, circles, where the communication is pure and sublime. Do not hesitate to break with a friend who constantly complains, lives at ignorance level, creates problems for everybody, and does not listen to your advices, just being a parasite parasitize. Those with whom we used to play played as children in sandboxes, went on hikes in school or studying together in the high schools institutions do not have to be should not be our close friends for entire life. "I’d rather starve than have a horrible food, it’s better to be single than with just anyone," – said the famous Sufi poet and philosopher Omar Khayyam.

1. Modern western astrologers use the tropical abstract Zodiac, suggesting that the Sun comes to the same point on the vernal equinox. Vedic astrologers take into accoun the sidereal (fixed) horoscope. The Universe expands constantly, stars move little by little, they do not stand still.

The Sun returns to the same point every year with a little displacement, which is approximately 50 1 / 3 arc-second. This Sun’s shift back against the stars is called precession or ayanamsha. The Indian astrology considers this very slight shift which is 23 degrees for 2000 years. The coincidence of two Zodiacs falls on spring equinox of 285 AD. Thereby the first difference between a Vedic and Western chart is that the planets and Lagna are shifted back by approximately 23 degrees 52 ‘minutes depending on the date of birth.


2. In the Vedic astrology each house takes a whole sign even if the Ascendant sign falls on the first degree. In the Western astrology one sign can cover up to three houses.


Rami explains how to achieve result in your life by creating a balance and harmony within the The Four Pillars of Health: Physical, Social, Intellectual and Spiritual.

bleckt-image-50-thumbTHE FIRST PART

Ayurveda and the World Health Organization state that in order to become a healthy, happy and successful person one should be harmonious at all four levels.

1. A physical level includes:

  • Getting rid of mental and physical illnesses

 2. A social level includes : 

  • A happy private life
  • A successful career; material welfare
  • The proper upbringing of children
  • An occupation that gives us pleasure, corresponds with our  destination and brings good to other people and to the whole world
  • Proper,  “Win-win” relationships with other people

5_thumb3. An intellectual level includes:  

  • An ability to set and achieve goals
  • A clear knowledge of  your life goal and following it
  • Аn ability to control your mind and feelings
  • An ability to distinguish the main thing from the minor one




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